Sunday, February 6, 2011

EVIDENCE from Caretakers House

We were brought a case about a Caretakers House that has set empty for a long period of time, and the management of the property would go in to check out things and batteries in cameras and recorders would go dead within minutes, as well as many tales of people seeing full apparitions at times. The Team did an investigation a couple of months ago and got permission to post these bits and pieces.

This is a picture taken by the management in the basement that had us perplexed. Other than the picture was taken with a slow shutter speed on the camera and it streaked...notice the hand coming down through the ceiling by the window. If you zoom in you can even make out the pattern on the shirt and it is a male. The management staff that took this was all female. We tried to debunk a lot of things in this spot, but kept getting motion detectors set off, EVPs as you will see, and someone walking up and down the stairs that are directly to the left of this photo. So here it begins

We usually break up into two groups, and one group investigates while the other is sequestered somewhere away as not to contaminate the other groups investigation. The group investigating also stays together for the common reason of having two sets of eyes, ears, and noses to corroborate what happens, and it also helps during analysis in knowing where everyone was during a certain time. 

This video is another where we know where everyone is...and no one is near the camera sitting on the kitchen counter...but you can definitely hear someone breath right into the microphone.

Same camera, and we did hear this right after the question was asked and didn't know what it was or where it was coming from.

And on this piece, we were towards the end of our investigation, and you can see that the battery on the IR has definitely died. This is video from a room that is on the inside of the house, so no light from outside reaches into it, and there aren't any windows or mirrors around. The investigators were upstairs at this time. Look to the right middle part of the screen for an unexplained light anomaly.

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