Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crump Theatre

The group is hosting an investigation at the Crump Theatre in Columbus, IN...along with a suprise of two other locations in the Columbus downtown area on the same night! This event is already all booked up, but if enough interest is shown, we will see what we can do to hold another event later in the summer/early fall. The event will help fund the Crump Theatre's restoration as well as another charity of a friend in need.

I will also be posting the evidence from our investigation of Angola's Hatchery Restaurant. This was a really great time, and an amazing structure. We've done some other investigations in between but those have been asked to remain confidential by the no evidence from those to post. Just tweaking a couple of the EVP's in the audio software and should have them up in the next day or two; keep checking back and thank you all for your comments and interest in our group!

By the way, we have been asked to do a bunch of historic, large structures coming up (our specialty), and we will be announcing those investigations as soon as we get papers signed and permission.

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