Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Crump Theatre

A little over a month ago, we did an investigation of three places within one night. We had three groups of investigators revolve between three sites we had previously investigated, all within three blocks of each other in downtown Columbus Indiana. One of the more active sites that whole day was the Crump Theatre. From the time Todd and I (Craig) first opened the side door in the afternoon and walked on the stage, we saw something staring at us from the projector room. We yelled up to whomever it was, but they turned around and walked back. We ran up to see who it was since there was only one way down from there, and that was through us, but no one was around. We immediately broke out the EMF meter and Paracorder as we began a mini investigation. While sitting in the balcony, our meters both went off, and we heard a giggle that sounded like a small child that many people would hear throughout the night. We caught this whimsical little entity later on in the night.

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