Friday, February 3, 2012

Things to look forward to

We have all kept busy as Indianapolis has put Todd and I through our paces working downtown during the Superbowl lunacy that has taken the city by storm. Outside of that, SOUP will be participating in the Paranormal Fest on May 19th down in Columbus, Indiana, at the notoriously haunted Crump Theatre. There are a bunch of other groups going to be there, a few paranormal television stars, and for an extra fee, they are having an investigation of the Crump with some of the paranormal celebrities. You can find all the info at the website:
We have been investing in a bunch of new equipment lately as to better our technical systems, and in general test out some theories. For one, we are going to see what happens when we use a bunch of negative ion generators in close proximity to our cameras, and then test out some new cameras that can see for 350 feet, with 600 line resolution along with our new external microphones.
SOUP is also gearing up for a return to Waverly Hills on March 4th., and we are all very excited with our extra investigators that are coming along with us. Outside of that, a couple of really interesting cases have been brought to us, and now for the arduous part of trying to nail down a time in our busy schedule to investigate. As always, if the client gives us the release that says we can post video, audio, and pictures after they have reviewed the evidence, we will share that evidence with you all to see what your take is on it.
Thank you all as always for backing our little tribe. We are looking to have a full website coming up with a blog feature involved...which of course means a nicer layout, and more money being spent! Stay tuned....

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