Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Case for Black Moon Manor

With all of the controversy over the place, and knowing some of the background, a few of our members went out to Black Moon Manor to find out if the place really had anything going on, or is it a sham. The answer to this, as we found out, is a little of both.

What Matt Speck set out to do was to create a "Haunted Attraction", but somewhere along the way, he says he found the place to be truly haunted. Now this may be totally true, and it is fine, but then there is a blurring of the lines between the "Haunted Attraction" and the place actually being haunted with his facts. For instance, I have it on good authority talking with a very very reliable source and honest fellow that he was approached by Mr. Speck to buy some items with him to spruce up the creepy factor of the house. We do know that the wheelchair that is within the house was not there when he obtained the site, as he has said, for the mere fact that other people lived in this house around ten years ago...and they said it wasn't in there. Yet, Mr. Speck has said that this is the wheelchair of someone who perished from freezing to death within the place, even after he states he abandoned his goal of creating a "Haunted Attraction". This is on top of the many things that have been falsely said of the Estes family, and of people that were said to be deceased, that in reality aren't, make for a lot of confusion. 
The Estes family was notified of these claims, and after much patience with the local community, and people researching the house contacting them with all the allegations, they have taken back the house, and it is scheduled to be demolished in the very near future. 
Our investigators wanted to see if the claims and evidence that were coming out of this house were real or were they fabricated. As there wasn't really anything but a few minor experiences that were had, and really nothing of audio or video evidence, one picture did come up as odd. This is a picture from the upstairs looking down...look around the bottom right hand of the photo. As I saw this image that was sent to me, I wanted to see what was going on over there. Being that I am a photographer, I lightened the exposure up, and the next image is what I found.
 SOUP can totally say that we have never fabricated nor will we fabricate evidence of the paranormal just to make ourselves look "cool" or anything of the sort. We have been offered some TV deals, and other media things, but we are really just not about that sort of thing; we are really about getting some answers and helping some people. We have done some radio programs and a few articles in print, but nothing for profit, and any money our team has ever come into has gone to charity. Now with that being said, I can't tell you what this is in this picture, but without a light source being in the area, the exposure being ramped up and having more of an image of something showing up, I can say I don't believe this to be a fabrication made by Mr. Speck. 

I do believe that some of these places that make you pay to investigate may just be an attraction and have some surprises that the administers of the fun house have added to make sure everyone is happy, so BUYER BEWARE! SOUP has gone to only a few of these places as fun trips, and never has taken any of them all that seriously, but I will say that there are some that are really amazing, and really do have something going on within their walls. It is up to the team, that goes into ALL places, to do their research, and know ALL that has gone on their as well as look a little into the people that are asking for the money for you to be there.

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