Sunday, September 26, 2010


This one I was a little hesitant to put out on the site. This is from Craig's group of Liz, Emily, and him on the third floor of Waverly Hills Sanitorium. We came out of a room, and then went out into the hallway. We didn't see this while filming. Look above the door opening between the 14 and 15 second mark at the top left part of the screen. You will see a dark shadow move, but I don't want to say too much because we all see something a little different. I was the only one with any light source shooting that direction during the segment, and it is just the infrared illuminator on the side of the camera. No flashlights were pointed in that direction at the shadow source isn't from us, and it is much darker than the other shadows cast by us! We would really like to thank everyone at the Sanitorium for being such gracious hosts to us for the night. A special yell goes out to Julie our guide. SOUP would like to thank Liz, Emily, Damon, and Clint for coming along to witness the event. It was a rough settup, but a hell of an investigation afterwards!

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